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‘Spider-Man’: Willem Dafoe’s Original Green Goblin Mask Was Amazing

In fact, the animatronics were so good, even the crew commented during one test how creepy it was.

The original mask created for the Green Goblin in 2002’s Spider-Man was right out of the comic — and so well done, it creeped out the crew.

In a couple of behind the scenes videos that Heat Vision came across, it is clear the first swing at creating the classic villain was a home run. And with Spider-Man: Homecoming opening this weekend, it’s worth seeing what might have been.

The animatronic mask created by Amalgamated Dynamics would have completely covered Willem Dafoe’s face; looking more like skin, none of his features would’ve been seen, which is likely why it was scrapped for the solid-piece mask that is in the film.

The initial Goblin mask was stunning in that the range of emotion that could be shown on the face was outstanding. In fact, the animatronics were so good, even the crew commented during one tests how creepy it was. It appears the actor’s mouth would have been seamlessly worked into it.

Still, the one drawback to the mask having all those moving pieces is that it looks like the shoulder-mounted rig was extremely uncomfortable to wear and took some time to apply. So again, it seems obvious why Dafoe got a mask that could just pop right off.

This footage, mixed with the unearthed Tobey Maguire screen test, shows that the first Spider-Man was likely going to be pretty dark, at least in the beginning, which would make sense with Sam Raimi at the helm.

Check out the Goblin mask screen tests below:

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