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‘SNL’: Mark Zuckerberg Apologizes for Facebook Data Leak on “Weekend Update”

“My bad, but on the other hand, Farmville!” Alex Moffat, impersonating the Facebook CEO, said.

Alex Moffat impersonated Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg during “Weekend Update” on Saturday Night Live, addressing Facebook’s privacy issues.

He started out by deliberately making direct eye contact with desk co-host Colin Jost. “Nailed it!” he exclaimed, calling Jost “homie” throughout the segment. 

“Tonight, I’d like to apologize to all 87 million of you one-by-one,” Moffat’s Zuckerberg said about Facebook’s recent data leaks. When Jost asked if users would be getting ownership of their personal information back, he responded, “Psh, no. Because it’s mine. You gave it to me.” 

He also tried to say he and Jost were friends at Harvard and that Jost had convinced him to steal Facebook from the Winklevoss twins. “Anyway, I took your advice, and now I’m rich. Dab!” Now he owns everyone’s photos, memories and unspoken thoughts and fears, he explained.

Ultimately, Moffat’s Zuckerberg, trying hard to seem hip throughout, did not offer a real apology for Facebook’s data breach. “My bad, but on the other hand, Farmville!” he said when asked about Russia’s involvement in the breach. 

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